Our Policies

Returns Policy:

    • Unopened products may be returned within 30 days for exchange or store credit
    • We reserve the right to refuse returns on materials damaged after purchase
    • We reserve the right to refuse returns on print material
    • Bought a game that’s missing pieces or is otherwise defective? We encourage you to contact the game publisher as they’ll be happy to replace your item for you (and may even throw in something extra!)
    • Bought a defective toy or a book with a printing error? Bring it back and we’ll do an exchange, regardless of condition.
    • A receipt is not necessary to do an exchange (but it sure helps!)

Dragon Rewards:

    • Shopping in-store? Ask to create a customer account with us to join the Dragon Rewards program.
    • For every pre-tax dollar spent in-store you will gain 5 Reward Points.
    • For every 800 Points accumulated, you get $5 off your next purchase!

In-Store Gaming:

    • No profanity or abusive language (this includes exclusionary language that targets specific groups of people); we endeavour to provide a safe space for everyone!
    • Be a good sport at all times
    • Please clean up after yourself
    • In-store trading is allowed, but in-store selling to other customers is not (please note that this is also not permitted on mall property without permission of the mall)
    • Please be on time for events with a specific start time
    • Remember we’re playing in an enclosed space and avoid strong body odour or perfumes
    • Please give us feedback on ways we can make your gaming experience more enjoyable!

    Lost Item?

      • If you lost an item during a gaming event, please inquire with staff. Be prepared to describe any cards or gaming items you have lost during one of our events.